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This is an independently run book review blog, with a focus on variety, and quality. All opinions expressed on the blog are those of the author/publisher of the website and should be taken as such.

I am a full-time digital marketer who runs this blog for fun. It occurred to me that my education in English literature, and the abiding love of reading, could be utilized to help others make decisions about their next reading choice.

While I do accept review requests from authors and publishers, I’m not in the habit of asking for monetary compensation. In fact, I believe the reward of such a request is all the payment I could ever hope for. As other book review bloggers have noted, this blog is for the #booklove. Check out the full review policy here.

It occurred to me…to help others make decisions about their next reading choice.


Penna Book Reviews is named after the author’s home state, and represents a love of the history and culture of the Keystone State’s southeast corner. An avid fan of sports and books (magazines, newspapers, journals, and most other printed materials); the author is a lifelong fan of the big 4 Philadelphia sports teams – Eagles, Phillies, Flyers & Sixers.

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