Review | Death With A Double Edge: by Anne Perry

“Daniel Pitt’s investigation into a colleague’s murder leads him through London’s teeming underbelly to the suspicious dealings of one of England’s most influential ship building magnets in this thrilling new novel from best selling author Anne Perry.” New York Times It has been several years since I sat down to read an Anne Perry novel.Continue reading “Review | Death With A Double Edge: by Anne Perry”

Review | Hamnet : by Maggie O’Farrell

England, 1596: The Black Death creeps across the land. Hamnet is so masterfully written that it transports you back centuries from our own time of viral pandemic into another time of epidemic disease – the bubonic plague. A time of ever present threat, infecting the healthy, the sick, the old and the young alike. HamnetContinue reading “Review | Hamnet : by Maggie O’Farrell”

Review | Once There Were Wolves : by Charlotte McConaghy

Inti Flynn arrives in Scotland with her twin sister, Aggie, to lead a team of biologists tasked with introducing fourteen gray wolves into the remote Highlands. Reading this introduction propelled me into Charlotte McConaghy’s novel. At the heart of her story is the pursuit to rewild the Highland ecosystem. “I wrote this novel out ofContinue reading “Review | Once There Were Wolves : by Charlotte McConaghy”

Review | Jennifer, Hecate, Macbeth, William Mckinley, and me Elizabeth : By e. l. konigsburg

I remember reading Jennifer, Hecate, Macbeth, William MicKinley and me, Elizabeth years ago as a teacher and decided to have a quick reread, today, before giving a copy to my granddaughter who just entered fourth grade. It was enjoyable revisiting the story and I’m quite certain my granddaughter will like it. She’ll let me knowContinue reading “Review | Jennifer, Hecate, Macbeth, William Mckinley, and me Elizabeth : By e. l. konigsburg”

Review | A Time For Mercy : by John Grisham

In “A Time For Mercy”, Jake Brigance ends up with an unpopular defendant in a very divisive trial. This story line may sound familiar to you, if you have read John Grisham’s novel, “A Time to Kill”, published in 1989. Again, Jake Brigance is a masterful protagonist in a “Time for Mercy”. He is facedContinue reading “Review | A Time For Mercy : by John Grisham”

Review | The Club : by Leo Damrosch

“Unlike some later clubs, it had no premises of its own, but met in an ordinary London pub. The members included Samuel Johnson, James Boswell, Edmund Burke, Edward Gibbon and Adam Smith – arguably the greatest British critic, biographer, political philosopher, historian and economist of all time.” Leo Damrosch, The Club : Johnson,Boswell and theContinue reading “Review | The Club : by Leo Damrosch”

Review | The Darkest Evening : by Ann Cleeves

The Vera Stanhope Series Two of my favorite mystery writers are Ann Cleeves and Louise Penny. When one of them writes that the other is one of her favorites, it makes me happy. Regarding the Vera Stanhope Series “One of my favorite mystery writers . . . I relish learning more about Vera with eachContinue reading “Review | The Darkest Evening : by Ann Cleeves”

Review | All The Devils Are Here : by Louise Penny

Having read the fifteen Inspector Gamache novels that precede All The Devils Are Here, I will say, this one met all my expectations and even set the bar higher for Penny’s next Gamache investigation. “All The Devils Are Here” takes place in Paris, far away from Three Pines, Quebec. Chief Inspector Armand Gamache of theContinue reading “Review | All The Devils Are Here : by Louise Penny”

Review | Monogamy : by Sue Miller

Miller is a prolific writer, but this was my first time reading her work. With a title like “Monogamy”, you can only begin to wonder about the conflict that may be proposed. “A brilliantly insightful novel, engrossing and haunting, about marriage, love, family, happiness and sorrow, from the New Times best selling author, Sue Miller.”Continue reading “Review | Monogamy : by Sue Miller”

Review | Home : by Marilynne Robinson

I have not read Marilynne Robinson’s Gilead Books in order, however, I am not certain that it matters.  Over ten years ago , I read “Gilead”, the first book in the series.  A few years later, I heard Marilynne Robinson speak at Princeton Theological Seminary.  Recently, I read “Jack”, the most recent in the series. Continue reading “Review | Home : by Marilynne Robinson”