Review | Valley of Shadows : by Rudy Ruiz

This tale of Soltario Cisneros weaves the history of Chihuahua, Mexico, near the big bend of the Rio Grande River, and Apache – Mexican spiritual beliefs into a read that is haunting yet compelling. Ghosts, both literal and metaphorical, in a desolate place, circa 1870-1883, transport this story to a spiritual realm. Well developed characters,Continue reading “Review | Valley of Shadows : by Rudy Ruiz”

Review | Kingdom of the Blind : by Louise Penny

For Penny fans, this read will be a welcome return to Three Pines, an inviting Quebeec village, and to its inhabitants. Chief Inspector Armand Gamache, six months into his suspension from the Surete du Quebec, finds himself involved in two separate criminal investigations. The first story line begins as a Three Pines local mystery. Gamache,Continue reading “Review | Kingdom of the Blind : by Louise Penny”

Review | MACBETH : by Jo Nesbo

If you are a frequent browser of thrift bookstores, you will understand the excitement felt when dislodging Jo Nesbo’s MACBETH from the shelf. Two literary favorites in one package – the treasure of a day’s hunt. There was a great deal yet to discover in this 500 page crrime thriller. In addition to finding theContinue reading “Review | MACBETH : by Jo Nesbo”

Review | The Boys From Biloxi : by John Grisham

When I think of Biloxi, I envision Gulf Coast beaches, seafood restaurants, shrimp boats, reports of hurricane destruction, however, this novel draws the reader into a much darker side of the region. Grisham relates the experiences that shape and mold two families, of Croatian descent, the Rudys and the Malcos, through eight decades, from 1912Continue reading “Review | The Boys From Biloxi : by John Grisham”

Review | Running at Hialeah : by Don Marinelli

Out of the gate this story springs into action. There is no initial fifty page set up of characters and setting. Bernie Buccellato spontaneously develops as a complex main player from the start. There is plenty to wonder about before his race for redemption is over and his father’s death bed request of having hisContinue reading “Review | Running at Hialeah : by Don Marinelli”

Review | Stargazer : Anne Hillerman

“Anne Hillerman’s taken familiar characters and locations and has struck out on a literary legacy all her own.” ~Craig Johnson, author of the Walt Longmire Mysteries ~ “Stargazer” is a must read for anyone who loves the notable Tony Hillerman novels. Anne Hillerman has written several novels prior to “Stargazer”. She has kept her father’sContinue reading “Review | Stargazer : Anne Hillerman”

Review | Killers of the Flower Moon : by David Grann

This book is a very well written history text. An historical account of a period in America’s – Oklahoma’s – Osage County’s past. A past that never was disclosed in any history book I encountered in school. A dark secret as evil as the greed that spawned it. In the 1920’s, the richest people perContinue reading “Review | Killers of the Flower Moon : by David Grann”

Review | The Great Unknown : by Peg Kingman

The Great Unknown is set in 1846 in Britain. It was a time of social turmoil. The working man wanted his voice heard in government. The Chartist Movement met with violent measures from the powers that be. Chartist leaders were imprisoned or they left the country. It was also the time when people were beginningContinue reading “Review | The Great Unknown : by Peg Kingman”

Review | Hemlocks : by Ben Schulz

I found Ben Schulz’s first book, “Hemlocks”, to be of personal interest, historic interest, and of interest to the naturalist in me. Having caught my attention on all these levels, I applaud Mr. Schulz on the degree of research reflected in his story. This tale, covering close to a decade (1773 – 1781) in theContinue reading “Review | Hemlocks : by Ben Schulz”