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For many years, I have been a fan of Diana Gabaldon and her “Outlander” series. In addition, I enjoy knitting and finding new projects. So it only seems natural for me to review a “How To” book inspired by “Outlander” and full of highland designed knitting projects, called Highland Knits.

The photography in this book is beautiful and precise enough to see exactly how the end product should look. Even more importantly, the directions are clear and easy to follow. I am a moderately skilled knitter and I had no difficulty completing the Boar Hunt Capelet project.

Boar Hunt Capelet

Also included is an extensive glossary, detailing every different stitch needed in both printed copy and in photo diagrams. From casting on to casting off, every stitch is explained. Every directional abbreviation is listed in the back of the book. No “stone” has been left unturned. The answers to any questions are readily available within the book. On the back cover you will even find a metric conversion chart.

Standing Stones Stockings – Love Triangle Arm Warmers – Boar Hunt Capelet

Each project, sixteen in all, is creatively named. Names such as Healer’s Hands Gaunlets, Lallybroch Shrug, Sassenach Cowl, and Clan Fraser Boot Cuffs will ring familiar to readers of Gabaldon’s . While Claire donned her knitwear as she time traveled to the eighteenth century, these pieces are sensible, versatile and effortlessly transcend time. They can be worn with your clan tartan or your favorite well worn denim.

As I get older, I just prefer to knit.” Tracey Ullman

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