Review | Kermit the Hermit:

written and illustrated by Bill Peet

Are you feeling a bit like a hermit and/or a hoarder? Here’s a story from children’s literature that may brighten your day. Over the past six months, I’ve been like Kermit, the crab (crabby, grouchy), only getting out of my house (cave for Kermit) to purchase what is needed to survive. At times, like Kermit, going overboard on quantity, hoarding hand sanitizer, Clorox wipes and toilet paper. Kermit becomes a greedy miser and fills his cave with things he doesn’t need.

Kermit’s life changes on the day a dog attempts to bury him in the sand. On the same day, a boy stops the dog and returns Kermit to the sea. Kermit wants to repay the boy for saving his life. Next comes the danger, adventure and treasure. Kermit’s focus shifts from himself to others. This change makes him happier. The characters are well developed. The helpful pelican assists Kermit to deliver the treasure to the boy and his family. The family never catches site of the pelican and Kermit. To be a “secret friend” and help someone in need is as much a gift to the one that gives as to the one who receives.

A must read to my grandchildren the next time I see them. The book is so much fun to read aloud due to the wonderful rhythm and rhyme of the verse. As great a treat for the reader as for the listener, Kermit the Hermit will entertain and deliver a lesson in sharing.

Share this book with a child.

In children’s literature, you have an experience provided by both the author and the illustrator. Bill Peet‘s talents delight us with both his intriguing use of words and his captivating illustrations.

Bill Peet’s advice and humor:

“All the rest of the gold which was quite an amount. They set safely aside in a savings account.”

Published by Audrey Newhall

I am an avid reader and contributor to Penna Book Reviews

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