Review | A Man Called Ove, by: Fredrik Backman

The book I am reviewing is A Man Called Ove by Swedish author Fredrik Backman, copyright 2014.

Ove is grumpy, only seeing black and white . To him, a rule is a rule; no discussion. It’s the story of an older man struggling after his wife’s death. 

Ove has some new neighbors move in, and he gets drawn into their lives & wonderfully gets to save his own.

I have enjoyed this book immensely. The writer’s style is magical. I akin Ove’s character to an onion, and each chapter peeled another layer to find the surprise inside. All characters are wholly developed. You really get to know their personalities. You also felt like you were there in his little neighborhood. I was cheering Ove on every time he clashed with another character. This book is not one to speed read, but to savor every creative chapter.

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