Book Review | The Last Resort: by Michael Kaufman

I have just put down The Last Resort, and it has been a great start to my 2023 reading list. This latest novel from author Michael Kaufman taps into some highly compelling, near-future, speculative fiction concepts, and I’m a fan. A Near-Future Detective and Climate Crisis Collide This is a detective story set about 10-12Continue reading “Book Review | The Last Resort: by Michael Kaufman”

Book Review | Cold Sweat, By: Katelyn Peterson

I just wrapped up Katelyn Peterson’s Cold Sweat, and despite Romance not being a favorite genre, found it engaging. I think this was for two main reasons; first, the work is equally a crime mystery, as well as a romance, second, it is a short novel with snappy pacing. If you’re seeking a light readContinue reading “Book Review | Cold Sweat, By: Katelyn Peterson”

Review: Deadly Odds 5.0 | by: Allen Wyler

I picked up Deadly Odds 5.0, the latest in author Allen Wyler’s series of techno-thrillers, all bearing the same title, appended with the number in the series. The books are able to stand-alone without having read the previous novels in the series, which is a smart theme I’m discovering amongst the small-scale published writers. ThisContinue reading “Review: Deadly Odds 5.0 | by: Allen Wyler”

Book Review: Slay the Dragon | By: William McGinnis

Slay the Dragon by William McGinnis is a moderately engaging international espionage thriller. The pacing of the action is swift, keeping the reader eagerly anticipating the next chapter. However, the current-day socio-political plot leaves one wondering if they’re reading something from the QAnon files. If you can manage to block out the author’s obvious right-wing,Continue reading “Book Review: Slay the Dragon | By: William McGinnis”

Review | Suspicious Deaths, by: Peter S. Berman

I have 2x copies of this book I’m giving away – Check out the Instagram post to enter to win through 3/31/2022. I’m as much a fan of L.A. detective mysteries as the next person, especially when they’re ripped from the headlines and told with snappy pacing and great, relatable characters. Peter S. Berman hasContinue reading “Review | Suspicious Deaths, by: Peter S. Berman”

Review | A New Day Dawns: My Solo Journey Into West Africa, by: Terry Lister

I am finding travel books more engrossing during the ongoing pandemic. The temporary escape to a far away place holds great delight while we’ve all been drawn back into our households in this 3rd winter of the Covid era. I’ve also grown to appreciate the particular travel-writing talents of a writer like Terry Lister, whoContinue reading “Review | A New Day Dawns: My Solo Journey Into West Africa, by: Terry Lister”

Review | The Spy and the Traitor, By: Ben Macintyre

I’ve been on a bit of a spy book spree in November. I quickly gobbled up Le Carré’s posthumous Silverview, having grabbed a copy on the day of its release. Something I don’t often do unless I’m really excited for a new book. However, the non-fiction espionage title I’m reviewing here is a couple yearsContinue reading “Review | The Spy and the Traitor, By: Ben Macintyre”

Review | Justice! by: Heath Daniels

Somali ISIS in Backwoods Texas In Heath Daniels’ Justice!,I found a mature author leading me through an engaging story of modern socio-political intrigue with a wonderful human touch. When reading the synopsis from Mr. Daniels’ website, I thought this sounded like a story I would like because I follow international news and post 9/11 MuslimContinue reading “Review | Justice! by: Heath Daniels”

Review | RAF by Richard Overy

Mr. Richard Overy’s very concise history of the British Royal Air Force was a quick and decent read. Known for these, almost Reader’s Digest, versions of modern world history, Overy packs the nascent air force’s birth pangs, right up until the beginning of WWII into just about 100 pages. The result is that I’m leftContinue reading “Review | RAF by Richard Overy”

Review – The Optimist: A Case for the Fly Fishing Life, by David Coggins

I read David Coggin’s The Optimist: A Case for the Fly Fishing Life in just a couple of days. Easily one of the quickest reads in a long time. This is due, in part, to the author’s skill with a fast, witty, engaging prose writing style. However, what stands out to me with this readContinue reading “Review – The Optimist: A Case for the Fly Fishing Life, by David Coggins”