Book Review | Cold Sweat, By: Katelyn Peterson

I just wrapped up Katelyn Peterson’s Cold Sweat, and despite Romance not being a favorite genre, found it engaging. I think this was for two main reasons; first, the work is equally a crime mystery, as well as a romance, second, it is a short novel with snappy pacing. If you’re seeking a light read such as this, Peterson’s book may be a good one for your nightstand. 

Mystery and Romance, o la la

I have only read a couple of contemporary romance novels, so when I started Cold Sweat, it was with some trepidation. However, I quickly found myself welcomed by the familiar use of Philadelphia as a setting. As our blog name shows, we’re big Pennsylvania lovers here at PennaBookReviews. This writer spent four years living in the city of Brotherly Love, and grew up in the burbs, so considers himself somewhat of an expert on the locale.  

Philly Culinary Scene Meets Crime Drama

By the second or third chapter, when we get to know our protagonist, Isabel; we find ourselves looking at a tale of mystery and romance.  She’s a young writer for a Philly food magazine, who’s facing the return of her seriously committed ex-boyfriend to the city’s culinary scene as an established, star chef, while still grappling with her father’s gruesome murder.  

More Billy Penn Reference Please

As early scenes in the short novel play out, I was feeling a little like the author picked Philly as the setting without much true knowledge of the place. When references are made to places, they are infrequent and lack the detail I would expect from someone that really knows the city and its landmarks, institutions and cultural heritage. This may be a minor knock on the book, but in today’s atmosphere, I think you must truly reflect your personal knowledge of setting in a very believable way. This was an issue that followed me through the book. 

Shocking Turn Plays Out to the End

Then, just as I was losing a bit of engagement with the story, there was a pretty shocking turn of events about half-way through. It was enough to reel me back into the suspense of the work. By the denouement of the plot – that shocking high-point from the middle was well integrated to the climax, making for a respectably laced storyline. 

For the rise and fall of action alone, I say, keep an eye out for Ms. Peterson as a talented voice in the genre. Check out Cold Sweat if you are seeking a quick and fun read. 

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